Time to

Today's fintech is great at automating one thing at a time. One accounting solution for each accounting workflow.

But nothing exists to tie it all together - workflows between systems are still bridged with spreadsheets.

Today's accounting is fractured.

Until Now...

Nixsheets is a workflow and automation platform for accounting teams. We automate the gaps in between your distributed tech stack.

NixSheets benefits


Reduce Data Integrity Issues

Maintaining key financial schedules like deferred revenue in excel spreadsheets is a recipe for disaster, or at least heartburn. Turn QuickBooks into a complete system of record with automated financial schedules for each balance sheet account.

Super fast Monthly Close

With NixSheets, closing out the month is as simple as the click of a button. Automated journal entries and reconciliation of all non-bank balance sheet accounts are a dream come true for accounting teams.


Less manual work

We pull your transactions directly from QuickBooks and do our magic behind the scenes.

Save money and headaches

We help you bridge the gap between QuickBooks and NetSuite, saving you precious time and money. Our goal is Accounting Simplified, pairing robust capabilities with intuitive design so it's easy to get what you need done quickly.


Reduction in Manual Work

Workflows We're Tackling

Our Universal Subledger automates both revenue and expense recognition:

Deferred Revenue & Revenue Recognition
Prepaid Expenses
Accrued Expenses
Fixed Assets
Capitalized Commissions
Cost Allocations
Multi-Entity Consolidations
...Any other balance sheet account

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